Jonah: So far this year you’ve conquered so many things: school, tying shoes, making beds, folding…the list goes on. And just when I think that’s about enough for now, I see that you’re on the verge of more big victories. I know you’ll be swimming like a fish by Christmas. Indigo: You’re right on schedule with the pants-pulling-screeching discovery. After an unfortunate incident I’ll be sure to retire some of my looser pajama pants. Flynn: Oh man. How many… Read more »


    Flynn: Your hard work, your focus, your lungs! I am inspired everyday by your ability to make things happen. I find myself channeling your determination so often. 5 3/4 miles at 9 years old is a major accomplishment. Jonah: We don’t call you Tenacious J for nothing! Exhausted, panting and smiling the entire time, golden cape flying out behind you. Indy: Always on the sidelines. Clapping, smiling, patiently waiting for your brothers to finish whatever they’re doing. Don’t worry… Read more »


Elderberry syrup season is upon us! I’m thinking of trying this recipe, which includes echinacea and astragalus root. Today my sons’ school celebrated Michaelmas which means the slaying of the dragon for the older children and dying silk capes golden for the younger ones. It’s a special time as they sing songs of courage and bravery and work hard to shine their light on all that is dark. Learn more about Michaelmas here and here. With all that introspection coming our way,… Read more »


“Oats and corn, oats and corn, all that die shall be reborn,  all that die shall rise again…” Each year in late September our family makes a pilgrimage of sorts to Crested Butte, a true Colorado mountain town southwest of Denver. My husband went to college in nearby Gunnison and his love for that part of the state has infused all of us with the same. A trip to Crested Butte is always the first suggestion tossed out when we’re planning… Read more »


      Flynn: Sometimes you’re just taking a picture of a basket of produce at a farmers’ market and your kid turns his head and there it is; him at 16, 22, 28. It’s shocking to catch these glimpses and makes me so grateful that I get to  bear witness to it. Jonah: Why not paint your face like an ocelot before heading out for coffee and muffins? Indy: After a cold dip in a mountain town hotel pool… Read more »


    Here’s what I’m thinking about: Ana Brett, Kundalini Unicorn, has a new video coming out! And it looks goooood. These bloomers are perfect for fall (and a little babe I know). Could I fit into a 4t?! If you’ve yet to try cassava flour, I can’t recommend Otto’s brand and this tortilla recipe from The Urban Poser enough Do you need an addicting audiobook? I’m not even a sci-fi gal and I loved this one. The movie, starring Matt Damon,… Read more »


    Here’s what’s on my mind: Tooth care. In addition to oil pulling I do this and this. Crazy though it may sound, I do think it works. Just make sure you have a special toothbrush for treatments! Sleeeep!! Give it all to me! So many of us take pride in how little sleep we need to function but I’ve never been able to do that. Too little and I’m cranky followed shortly by ill. I love Elana’s reference… Read more »

Better late than never, I suppose. I’ve hesitated posting photos of my own children too often for fear of exposing them without their knowing, or shining the light too bright on a special moment where they are lost in a game, a creation or a thought. But then I think of how much I love reading other peoples’ 52 Project entries. I find it reassuring and comforting to know that whatever our issues may be (honestly, it’s all a phase,… Read more »


It’s pretty standard for first time parents to have the new baby registry. When I look back at ours I wonder what the hell we were thinking…were we preparing to open an orphanage or bringing home one little baby?! Baby Number 2 saw us exercising much more restraint but still…we ended up with lots of unused items. By the time you have a few kids you don’t want a baby shower, you just want a brunch with friends that lasts… Read more »


I’m not sure how it happened; we’d vowed to not be the parents who overdid it with gifts. We’d vowed to keep our minimalist sensibilities at the forefront when Christmases, birthdays  and other holidays rolled around…and yet, somehow, we always ended up with too much. Too much money spent, too many gifts to fit into the toy baskets, too much wrapping paper to cram into the recycling bin, too many presents to remember them all when someone would ask, “What… Read more »